Tips For Starting Out With Harmonica


A lot of people end up putting the instrument down permanently before they make any progress or develop any skill. Keep these tips in mind to prevent this from happening to you. Following these guidelines will enable you to develop your harmonica technique really fast. Players of all skill levels can benefit from these tips.

Tip #1: Develop an Absolute Love of Practice

All my discussions with harmonica players led to one simple yet significant epiphany, you have to practice to acquire the skill. But this is actually an incomplete answer. While practice alone is important, its the sheer enjoyment of practice that pulls you back to the instrument time and time again, ultimately turning you into a great player. Its this love of practice that guarantees results. When you genuinely enjoy practicing and crave doing it, then everything else will follow. That’s why so many beginner harmonica players quit prematurely, because they have not developed a love of practice.

Tip #2: Never Leave Home Without It

The harmonica is one of the few instruments that can fit in your pocket so take advantage of this. As a beginner you need to play whenever you can so you can hit that one hour daily minimum. So, always have a harmonica in the car, but of course, DO NOT play while driving. Look for any available opportunity to slip away during the day and practice. And as you do this, you will probably even get better at find those brief moments of privacy. But please make sure you are indeed in a private place. Hearing someone practice harmonica is entertaining at first but can quickly get annoying so please respectful and attentive to your surroundings.

Put these two important tips into practice and you will be on your way to improving your harmonica skills right away.